Keywords: Iranian, Celtic, Germanic, etymology, hydronym


The paper deals with the verification of several etymological versions, suggested for interpretation of hydronyms (i.e. names of water geographical objects) of ancient Slovakia. Earlier these lexical units were classified as elements of Iranian (Sarmatian and Alanian) substratum in local Slavic historical toponymy. The author compares etymological versions, existing in scientific circulation, and finds out the soft spots in their argumentation and also notes the lack of proof for different contentions. The special attention is given to problematic question of ambiguity of orthography of documented forms hydronyms, because ambiguity all too often gives grounds for several (absolutely different) interpretations of one word. Consequently, here is focused on the problem of choice of a certain variant as more «authoritative» (i. e. maximally closed to primordial, etymological form) for research. Critical assessment of proposed above etymological versions uncovers new resources for genetic interpretation of five viewed hydronyms, which can be surely defined as Celt and Germanic lexical heritage in Slovak hydronymy. Among river names the primordial Germanic hydronym is pointed out; one is extended with Middle Iranian term of geographical nomenclature, which evidences about lexical reception of Germanic toponymy stratum traces in the speech practice of Sarmatian and Alanian population and consequently about both ethnoses lingual interaction. In particular Celtic and Germanic etymologies are suggested for such Slovakian hydronyms: Hasztergan, Hor. Hastrgan, Hor. Hastrgan = *Gaster-gan < Germ. *Gaster ‘stream in ravine’, extended with Iran. *kan ‘sorce, well, spring’; Kubra, Cubra = Celt. *kubr (< adj. *kumb-ro-) ‘stream, current on valley’; Metrbos = Germ. *Mittel-bach, *Mittel Bach or *Mitlpos(sky) ‘between creeks’; Nuduna = Celt. *nau-dun ‘port for boats’, ‘fortification with marina for boats’; Gardubarto, Gardubartu, Karduberka, Chaduwocha = Celt. *kar[r]-dubur = «stone water», «stone stream» + Hung. to [tava, tavat] ‘lake’, ‘pond’.


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