Keywords: declarative memory, Dual Coding Theory, episodic memory, occasional lexical unit, political discourse, semantic memory, usual lexical unit


The article deals

with the problem of occasional lexical units used by the 45th American President D.Trump in his political speeches, and their further possible progress to the status of usual words generally used in the American variant of the English language. Political discourse is taken as an object of the research due to its popularity, and the highest circulation in the modern democratic society that, with the help of its characteristics, guarantees maximum promulgation of the occasional words. It is stressed in the article that the study cannot be purely done in linguistic terms, as the very progress from occasional to the usual words covers the aspects of pedagogics, psychology, neuropsychology, neurodidactics. To trespass the borderline between occasional and usual, it is surely badly needed to be repeated scores of times – the task that is fully performed by the political and media discourses in concatenation - but still it alone is not enough. The newly created word should correspond not only to the communicative demands of a speaker-creator, but also with the views and beliefs of the audience. Thus, it catches declarative, procedural, semantic, and episodic / emotional memory of the addressee. Altogether, it should be of some significance as in the context of the information given by the politician, so from the prospective of the very addressee (his life values and experience). Dual Coding Theory involving the activity of verbal and non-verbal systems comes to the fore to explain the principles of successful memorization of occasional lexical units coming to life through political discourse.


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Language systems: problems of their development and functioning in the polyethni