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The study of the styles and genres of the literary language, as well as their features, is an integral part of modern philology. A vast deal of researches is devoted to such styles as literary, scientific and publicistic. The literary style and its genres has particular place in linguistic. However, in connection with the latest events that are taking place in the world, international documents are gaining more and more importance. It is the genres of this style which surround us in everyday life: laws, codes, orders, announcements, manuals and others. Also, all international documents and agreements are written in an official style. These documents are regulator of relations between countries. This article describes the classification of the styles of the literary language and their genres. And also, this article is devoted to the study of one international document, namely the "charter". There are many classifications of styles in the Ukrainian literary language. Each researcher categorizes and names them differently, but still, there are five main functional styles, such as scientific, official, publicistic, informal, literary. Official style is a functional style of literary language. "Charters" are international documents of official style. They have different stylistic, lexical and grammatical characteristics. In "charters " neutral vocabulary is used and words are used in the literal sense. For these documents extended sentence, compound sentence and complex sentence are characterized. A perspective for further research is a comparative analysis of the lexical, grammatical and semantic features of the "charter" in different languages.


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