Keywords: idiostyle, historicism, archaism, dialectism, professionalism, neologism, semantics


Ukrainian literature is famous for a lot of creative personalities who are the spiritual and moral leaders of the nation. Their work is designed to awake the highest values, national identity in each person. The article provides information about the vocabulary of a collection of short stories by the outstanding Ukrainian master of words Yu. M. Mushketyk. It is emphasized that the author uses the expression of colloquial vocabulary, as well as outdated vocabulary, introduces dialectisms and professionalisms into the text, mostly in order to create the appropriate color, give the character or terrain relief. Thematic groups of archaisms, historicisms, dialectisms are singled out, the artistic role of individual author's innovations is clarified. The master of the word appeals in works to the time of Antiquity, writes about the times of Kievan Rus, describes Koliivshchyna, the Second World War, and he also writes about the present. Yu. M. Mushketyk can be considered as an artist of philosophical depth. The main topics to which the author appeals are the connection of the historical past with the present, war, the problem of choice, the formation of national identity, the unity of Ukrainian lands, the formation of a harmonious personality, and so on. The author does not hide his position, his likes or dislikes. The writer’s opinion is expressed either directly or it follows from the very concept of the literary text. The main linguistic means used by the writer include the use of outdated vocabulary (historicisms and archaisms), the introduction into the text of individual authorial phraseology.


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