Keywords: linguistic and semiotic features, Python language ofprogramming, lexical units, textual categories



dynamic nature of the Python programming language, the accumulation of a certain linguosemiotic basis indicates the similarity of this language with the English language, which is the international one and mediates human communication in both real and virtual worlds. In this study, the English language is positioned as the linguistic basis of Python language of programming, which is widely used in industry, research, natural language processing, textual information retrieval, textual data processing, texts corpora, and more. English language, its lexical features, text representation and interaction with logical and functional basis in the context of Python programming language are considered further in this research. Thus, the unity of verbal units and symbols in the modern English-language digital discourse indicates both the order and variability of the constituents therein. The functionality of linguosemiotic elements produces a network of relationships, where each of these integrated elements can produce from a word or symbol a holistic set of units, which are extrapolated in the English-language digital discourse and mediates human communication with a machine. An overview of the basic properties of Python language, such as values, types, expressions, and operations are in focus of the study. Though users understand the responses of Python interpreter, there is a need to follow certain instructions and codes. To facilitate work with this programming language and prescribed English-language commands, it is necessary to involve linguists to cooperate with programmers to invent a certain logical and reasonable principle of Python commands operation.


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Applied linguistics. Educational computer technologies