Keywords: medical terminology, word formation, neologisms, synonymous series, dominant, lexical-thematic group, variant, etymology


The article considers the main changes in modern medical terminology related to the occurrence, prevention and treatment of coronavirus infections, analyzes the main lexical and thematic groups of neologisms in terms of their origin and functioning. Among all the changes in modern medical terminology, two main processes attract attention in the first place: the emergence of a large number of new terms and a change in the distinction between active and passive vocabulary. Given the extralinguistic causes of both processes, it can be predicted that similar changes are taking place now in most languages of the world. In addition, even without special research, it is clear that the main number of neologisms borrowed from English has an international character and Latin-Greek etymology. Today we can begin to describe, systematize and classify some processes that occur in the lexical system as the most mobile tier of language, which actively responds to all extralinguistic factors in society. Without being able to focus on all the problems of modern medical terminology related to the pandemic, we will consider the situation with lexical- thematic groups "name of coronavirus infection" and "names of social restrictions associated with the pandemic" as the most striking sections of the general problem. After all, due to the pandemic, almost all languages of the world are undergoing serious lexical changes. Among the main processes are the emergence of a large number of new medical terms and the change in the distinction between active and passive vocabulary, when professional medical vocabulary becomes an active vocabulary of every ordinary person. Consider this assumption on the example of two thematic groups - "covid" and "social isolation". The material for the study was the publication of periodicals, orders and recommendations of various levels from the Ministry of Health to rectors and directors of educational institutions, banners of various types, news sites, etc.


WHO. Home. Emergencies. Diseases. Coronavirus disease 2019. Technical guidance. Naming the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and the virus that causes it.
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