Keywords: translation, title, transformation, concise text, abbreviation


The article deals with the problem of researching translation of scientific paper titles, which includes consideration of the title as a specific type of concise text and translation of scientific and technical terminology. Both aspects are relevant at the time of rapidly increasing information flows and the development of various technologies and scientific challenges. The main sources of typical translation problems are incorrect reproduction of ambiguous common vocabulary, abbreviations, "false friends of the translator", paronyms, pseudo-internationalisms, foreign words and terms, various proper names and titles. Problems of translating titles are studied in a number of linguistic works.

S. Barkhudarov, G. A Weikhman, O. M. Kovalenko, D. Bieber, and others made a significant contribution to the development of the problem. But, in our opinion, there are still unresolved issues, in particular, one of them - lexical problems of title translation and means of overcoming them. Therefore, the purpose of the article is to analyze the means of translation of scientific vocabulary in the titles in order to establish their expediency or inexpediency. The main translation techniques for lexical items are calquing, addition, omission, concretization, generalization and compensation. It can be noted that this type of translation of names requires not only linguistic, but also scientific and technical, and journalistic knowledge. Knowledge and correct use of the above translation methods will help to avoid incorrect transmission of English vocabulary in the Ukrainian language, as well as distortion of the logical content. The translation of the titles of English popular science articles is a complex but interesting process, which, in principle, is a careful work on many lexical and grammatical difficulties. The title, like a mirror, reflects all the difficulties of translating English text.


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Linguacultural, sociocultural and intercultural problems of translation