No. 193 (2021): Research Bulletin. Series: Philological Sciences

Research Bulletin includes papers researching current issues in Language Systems: Problems of Their Development and Functioning in the Polyethnic and Multicultural Space (General Linguistics, Lexical Semantics, Phonology, Grammar, Vocabulary, Polycritics of Fiction and Specialized Texts, Discourse Studies); Language Mappings of the World: Linguacultural, Linguacognitive and Ethnolinguistic Aspects; Linguacultural, Sociocultural and Intercultural Problems of Translation; Applied Linguistics; Methodological Aspects of the Professional Training of Foreign Language Teachers, Foreign Literature Teachers, Translators and Applied Linguistics Specialists.
The edition is intended for scholars, instructors, postgraduates and postdocs as well as students of language departments.

Published: 2021-04-10

Linguacultural, sociocultural and intercultural problems of translation

Language systems: problems of their development and functioning in the polyethni

Methodological aspects of the professional training of foreign language teachers